Edited the title to make it fit more with the content. Might make a proper Thoughts post on Copyright Infringement in regards to ebooks and the like soon.

Edit2: It’s finally been taken down, took me about 2 weeks for it, and not even a notification from Amazon, had to check it myself. Still, it’s down now, for which I’m glad.

So… today I learned that Losian is apparently popular enough to be pirated. See here.

I’m actually of very mixed feelings about the act of this piracy myself. On the one hand I’m pleasantly surprised that it’s garnered the attention it has, on the other I’m absolutely disgusted by the profiteering this Koren Rabe has done. People are being scammed into paying for what they could otherwise read for free.

However, I have decidedly one minded feelings in regards to how he went about it. The Last Archmage? Really? Of all the dumb names… The MC doesn’t have magic! Well… not magic as we know it anyway, it raises a question I’ve asked myself, is that teleportation and dimensional manipulation “science” or “magic”? Anyway, beyond that there’s an image of a woman in black with wings, which corresponds to no known character in my entire universe. “Change the course of fate”, “Conquer”, the MC does none of those things dammit… I can’t help but feel like my story’s been violated.

Ah well… best form of flattery and all that… Though imitation and copying are two decidedly different things.


Thoughts: Religion, Atheism and Science

The internet doesn’t really tend to be a great place to be, or attempt to be, a reasonable human being. This is mainly because, at heart, humans are irrational beings.

Now, I’m personally an atheist, meaning I don’t believe in the existence of Gods, partly because it’s impossible to prove, and partly because I don’t believe in much of anything. On the internet it’s fairly easy to find people who are utter bastards, on both sides of the spectrum, though frankly those on the “Atheist” side seem very wont to be vocal of their objections and their criticisms.

Let’s make this clear, for all their criticism of blind faith and the idiocy of religion as an outdated institution, they in fact fall into a similar pitfall. Consider this, an “Atheist” (I refuse to acknowledge them as true Atheists as they are caricatures of the normal atheist, as are the religious bigots who are the same to the religious.), tends to follow blindly in “science”, uncomprehending but constantly trusting that “science” (Fairly loose term when used) will provide the answers to the world. Anything thatĀ soundsĀ vaguely scientific may be accepted as fact, and they sometimes espouse “facts” that have long since fallen out of favour in the scientific community, mocking the scientific method.

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Thoughts: Democracy & America

Felt like writing this suddenly, it’s been bouncing around, I’ll see how much I can refrain from extremely sensitive points because I’m not eager to argue.

So it’s old news now certainly, Donald Trump is now President of the United States. Turmoil is coming to the fore as prejudicial bastards take this as a sign to rally and hate on others, enforcing this as though it was the new normal; while those against Trump rally and call for his impeachment in belligerent anger.

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